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Harnessing your full potential and executing consistently at the top of your sport demands excellent mental performance.

Mental coaching is a process, that allows you to grow into the person and athlete you want to become. Together we develop the mental skills and strength, that enable you to take the next step.

Individual mental coaching is a confidential, personal growth process that enhances performance. Through regular reflection of games, execution, mental state and other life events, we are able to increase self-awareness and the ability to regulate emotional state when you need to be at your best.

Our highly educated, experienced and passionate Certified Mental Performance Coach guides and supports you through this growth process. The coach helps you navigate your way through challenges, find the solutions you need, overcome things that have been holding you back, and systematically improve your mental and social skills.

Through a co-creative partnership, you are able to step into your full potential and succeed.

During the coaching sessions, we discuss things that feel important. Events in the game, fluctuations in confidence or other things inside the team or outside the rink that are affecting performance, well-being or creativity.

Often we need to work with emotions – they are the driving force for everything we do and are able to do. Sometimes emotion allows us to succeed, but when not controlled, we fall short of our capabilities. From both experiences, the coaching process allows you to find the growth you need to reach the next level.

Here’s how the guys define Mental Coaching

”Learning to control your mind.”
– Oskari Setänen

”A tool for becoming your greatest version.”
– Mikko Petman

”Facilitating development and staying in the right lane.”
– Sebastian Repo

”Developing the mental capacity to perform.”
– Roni Sevänen

”Preventing frustration, and having tools in place for when challenges arise.”
– Aleksi Saarela

”A way to deal with and prevent problems during the season.”
– Justin Danforth

”Finding the tools to a better mental state.”
– Toni Koivisto


”The best part about my job is the connection with my players. We co-create a coaching relationship, that allows us to explore the raw and real in a way that reveals to us: how to step into full potential.

As a coach I am very honest, compassionate and hold a high standard for what I know my players are capable of. Watching them grow into their greatest version is such a rewarding feeling for the work we put in together.”


Win the Mental Game™

I want to use every opportunity I can, that advances my career in hockey. Coaching helps clarify things and promotes confidence.
Sami Päivärinta, Rauman Lukko
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I’ve been really happy with our three-year process. Mental coaching is key for my growth and well-being, and I will continue using it to support me with the mental demands of hockey.
Oskari Setänen, Kookoo
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I highly recommend that all players use Mirjam, she has a wealth of knowledge and passion for helping players. You'll immediately see that she can help you become a more composed and mentally strong athlete.
Brandon DeFazio, Rauman Lukko
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Mental coaching has been a very worthwhile process, as it facilitates development and helps me stay in the right lane. As we process things, it’s easier to leave them behind, which allows more room to focus on the game itself.
Sebastian Repo, Rauman Lukko
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