offers mental coaching for professional hockey players and juniors aiming for the top. We coach players in the best leagues in North America, Europe and all over the world. Our job is to help our players harness their full potential and grow into their greatest version.


Our systematic individual coaching program is designed to improve players’ performance and well-being. By developing the ability to control the mental state and create solutions to challenges, players are able to perform at a higher level more consistently throughout the season.

We also bring our psychosocial expertise for the use of the whole team through small group coaching and coach education. Hockey coaches also seek our individual coaching and counselling when looking for ways to execute at the highest possible level, and help their players to do the same. 

Although we specialize in professional hockey, athletes from all sports (NFL, NBA, MLB etc.) are welcome to join our coaching program. We also welcome other performers and creators, who want to tap into something more. 

We also coach and support retiring athletes, helping them step into a new self & new opportunities.



Win the Mental Game‚ĄĘ



Täytä HenkiSen suorituskyVYN -kysely!

Kysely on täysin maksuton ja luottamuksellinen.

Three years of mental coaching has been a success. Every meeting creates progress. Everyone deserves to become their greatest version, and the mental aspect is a big part of it. 
Mikko Petman, Rauman Lukko
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I want to use every opportunity I can, that advances my career in hockey. Coaching helps clarify things and promotes confidence.
Sami Päivärinta, Rauman Lukko
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I highly recommend Mirjam to any player who is looking to gain that much needed edge in hockey.
Justin Danforth, Rauman Lukko
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I’ve grown into a more mature player, performing at a more consistent & confident level without the ups and downs. I was able to produce under pressure in playoffs. Mirjam is a competent coach and has earned my trust.
Iivari Säkkinen, Rauman Lukko
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